We are an Aveda Concept salon

Why Aveda?

Aveda products are of the highest quality and very eco-friendly. By using “Green Ingredients” that are organic, sustainable, or renewable, we can provide you with an experience that is second to none. These products include hair care, styling, skin care, body, makeup, and Pure-Fume™. We even have products specifically tailored for men!

Another important reason to choose Aveda is because they do business conscientiously. There is no animal testing performed, and the packaging is completely biodegradable. They use organic ingredients from all over the world from renewable sources, in order to preserve habitats. Not only is that good for the world – it’s good for you as well! If 60% of what is put ON our body is absorbed, shouldn’t it be healthful and good for you? That’s our promise to you: feel better, look better…without the guilt!

For more information on Aveda, please visit their site at www.aveda.com