1.  American Volume Novalash– A one of a kind technique that is often seen in the movies and red carpet events. The Novalash extensionist will place very fine multiple extensions to individual natural lashes paying close attention to match the natural guage of your natural lashes. This technique is using the Novalash Platinum Speed Bond Adhesive lighter, more durable and that is formaldehyde free and instantly waterproof. The result is an illusion of instant fluffiness, and longer lasting thickness that cannot be achieved like any other way. 120-150 min
Full Set Novalash American Volume – $400
2 week American Volume Fill – $150
3 week American Volume fill – $250

2. Classic Novalash– One lash extension is applied individually to each natural lash custom tailored to each clients natural lash weight, length and gauge. This technique uses the platinum bond adhesive that is formaldehyde free and instantly waterproof. 90-110mins
Full Set Classic Novalash – $255
2 week fill Classic Novalash – $75
3 week fill Classic Novalash – $100

3. Half Set Novalash – One lash extension on every other lash chain custom to the individuals natural lash weight, length and guage. Great for a person wanting to ease conservatively into lash extensions or a dance or formal or prom. 60 to 75 min
Half Set Novalash – $145

4. Lower Lash Application – Novalash placed onto lower lashes with client laying down and eyes closed keeping client comfortable and using top upgrade of Platinum Bond High Speed adhesive. 30 to 45 min
Lower lash Application – $60

5. Adhesive Upgrade of Novalash Platinum High Speed Bond Adhesive has minimal fumes, the strongest hold on the market with lightest flexibility available on the market and is formaldehyde free and instantly waterproof. This adhesive is included in all American Volume Applications
Adhesive Upgrade – $15

6. Lash Repair Charge for clients needing help with lashes done at another shop or place. If you are unhappy with your current lashes from elsewhere, it can be fixed, untangled, and cleaned for you with the cost of any fill appt. 15 min
Lash Repair Charge – $20

7. Removal of Lashes – All lashes removed using Novalash gentle remover, deep cleansing, and a Novalash Lash Doctor Treatment applied. 45-60 min
Removal of Lashes – $120

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