Massage Therapy

Come to Zina’s for the very best in massage therapies such as deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish, and more.  We are conveniently located in Canton near Baltimore’s inner harbor.  Our day spa only hires the best in Baltimore so your experience is second to none!  You will see why CBS awarded us the Best Massage in Maryland award!


Simply put: the banya relaxes your entire body. Stress creates tension and manifests as aches and pains and reduced mental function. The heat and humidity of our sauna relaxes muscles and promotes the release of stress-caused tension. Your body will sigh in delight as your muscles unwind and pain subsides.


A good sauna session is similar to mild exercise-expect to burn as much as 300 calories with no effort at all. Regular sauna treatments combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise may help you maintain a healthy weight.


The banya increases blood circulation helping to detoxify the body, particularly in difficult areas like the teeth, bone, and sinuses. The steam opens your pores and promotes cleansing for cleaner, healthier skin.


The heat from the banya creates an artificial “fever” ramping up your immune system. Regular use of our sauna helps fight illness, particularly during the wet Northwest seasons.
Please note: There will be an extra charge of $10 for same room.


Swedish Relaxation 30 mins – $60
Swedish Relaxation 45 mins – $75
Swedish Relaxation 60 min – $90
Swedish Relaxation 1 ½ hours – $130
Swedish Relaxation 2 hours – $165
Deep Tissue 1 hour – $108
Deep tissue 1 ½ – $150
Combo Swedish and Deep Tissue 1 hour – $100
Spa massage with Hot stones 1 hour – $100
Aroma Ritual Massage – $100
Prenatal Massage 30 mins – $70
Prenatal Massage 1 hour – $100
Sports Massage – $108

Aveda Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy ($55)

Our holistic approach to a healthy scalp begins with a seated aroma-therapeutic scalp massage customized to treat your particular scalp condition and a stress relieving hand massage. A shampoo, blow-dry and styling completes your rejuvenating treatment.

Aveda Hair Repair Treatment ($25)

These deep conditioning botanical therapy treatments(BTT) transform the driest, most brittle hair into soft and touchable hair. We’ll help you choose the best Aveda BTT for your hair — Dry Remedy, Damage Remedy, or Scalp Therapy.
Add a blow out for $30.

Aveda Clarifying Treatment ($30)

This treatment removes any build-up of hair color, hair products, chlorine, and all environmental impurities.




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